Designer’s Emotional Baggage!

It is no secret a designer’s brain functions through an intricate web of faulty wires coming in and out all over the place in an environment of somewhat systematic chaos and an everlasting effort trying to control that chaos.

Ideas juggling back and forth between the right and left side of the brain.

One conjures up a feeling, an abstract undefined sense of what he/she wants to do, and the other constantly fighting battles with every part of your body wanting to realize those ideas no matter how ambiguous and unworldly they might seem at first.

But most people forget about passion, and I’m not talking about you loving your work;

it is a well-known fact that most designer’s egos are so big, naming every idea they have “their baby”.

But that’s ok, we designers are proud of that, because with a certain amount of confidence, and love poured into every project you keep learning, growing, and you will do more good than you’ll ever do if you are over run by self-doubt every step of the way.

Back to my point, remember? The point I was trying to make.

My belief is that every good idea, after running through all parts necessary in your brain, before it is sent through your nervous system to the tips of your fingers and you start working, it simply has to pass by your heart first {YES of course this is a metaphor, feelings come from the brain too}

{Form Follows Function} said Louis Henri Sullivan, Then in 1969 came Hartmut Esslinger, coined the term to contain wider issues which is the famous {Form Follows Emotion}

These phrases never work out of context, they are easily misunderstood, what can be said is that the simplest guideline to good design is one that follow form, function, and emotion. What’s first and what’s last is never set, and will always be decided by who and what the design is for.

Below are graphics starting to emerge out of this kind of thinking; this holistic view on design starting with the designer simply thinking about it, and ending with the perception of people interacting with it.

Thank you. Feel free to comment on what you’ve gathered from this article or any other post on my blog.

Good day.


2 responses to “Designer’s Emotional Baggage!

  1. good stuff cuz.. i like the article, keep it up! and even though Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form follows function”.. it was his assisstant Frank Lloyd who said that its misunderstodd and that they should both be joined in one union…

  2. It’s great how 3 words can create a debate that up till now lasted a little over a century, and will probably still be argued over in the future…
    You just gotta love design and the places your mind takes you from it :)

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