You Wish!

I wish people would be more critical of design, and of designers, who are responsible for designing some pretty nasty stuff.

Marc Newson, Interviewed in director Gary Hustwit Documentary; “Objectified”

Here’s the awesome trailer, My wish actually is for his film to be mandatory watching for every CEO in the region… In fact I’d do my best to plan weekly screenings when the DVD Comes out, all for the dream of people getting to know what exactly is it that major i studied 4 years in college about!

And the awesome poster designed by Build… Black on silver background…

What is it, industrial engineering? interior decor? painting? sculpture? sanay3i? no? new type of engineering then? ooh OK, stylist? no! technician? well then what is it? how is that different from graphic design? oooooh ok? so you’re a craftsman? blacksmith? carpenter? C’mon help me out here!!!

Excerpt from some of many conversations i had with people asking me what exactly is it i am!

To know more about Gary Hustwit, He filmed Helvetica which came out back in 2007!

One simply magnificent masterpiece…


Poster By Build


2 responses to “You Wish!

  1. hehe we watched the Helvetica video for visual communication class back in January as part of a class discussion

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