The Parlor Mob

My Favourite NEW Band… The parlor mob are bringing balls back to rock…

Just like Axl once thought to himself, “F**k Glam this isn’t music” and he came out and welcomed everybody to the jungle, and it was as if all the men across the street singin’ and dancing to “girls, girls, girls” were actually singing about themselves… All the lace and make-up stopped being “a statement of self assured masculinity”, they were now literally angry, confused, pop artists who used cross dressing as an excuse to make trashy music seem “edgy”… Their music was really good at times, a lot of other bands actually stole the guitar sound motely crue created… But their brand of Rock didn’t compare with G N’ R… Axl & Slash were two of many artists who defined what ROCK really is about, those songs that punch you right in the face with the first riff, that oomph!

Now on to indie rock, I’m not going to speak much about indie, I like a few bands, a few of what seem to be hundreds of bands popping out every other day and getting all the critics attention… I never liked people calling the Genre “Indie Rock” because those boys from “the strokes” can’t be lumped in with all the rockers that graced the stages of history, hell they can’t even drink at the same bar with Axl, And definitly not Slash!

But when a new brand of rockers came out other than the oh so cute indies, I thought, cool: here is a band i can look back after thirty years and say I bought their first album when it came out, and be all proud about it!

True rockers like:  The Black Keys (been there for a while now and the guitartist, vocalist Dand Auerbach released a solo album that Rocks just as much), Black Mountain, Radio Moscow,  The Yelling, and some more… But the one band that if I had to bet, all my money goes on them getting big and hanging around for at least 5 or 6 more real rock the hell outta you albums…

The band i’m talking about is The Parlor Mob… With their album “And You Were A Crow”


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