Have an Opinion Why Don’t You!

A while back i started a group on facebook, named it “as little design as possible

In the description field i wrote;

The last of dieter rams’ ten principles on good design was:
“good design is as little design as possible”
If you feel you understand this,
you’re one of the few…

So, Hello…

You need to know that I’m a simple guy who likes simple and simple-looking things, what most people don’t know is that simple is not always as simple as they might presume…
In a lot of cases simple doesn’t even look simple enough, let alone the fact that simple, or good simple, is never understood by simple-minded people…
This group will contain some works by my friends and myself, anyone is free to post almost anything related to design stripped naked of all it’s unnecessary accessories…

After that i begged asked everyone to join and be active for a change, because commenting is easy on last night’s dinner party, or what degree of bronze a friend’s tan is, or even how good a girl looks on that pixellated-under lit-excuse of a photo she took of herself in the bathroom!
But when it comes to serious comments, or inquiries at least, you’ll find that most annoyingly opinionated people in the real world, don’t have the same skills on blogs and groups…

What happened was that a very few people joined, fewer commented (one or too), and no one contributed…

Then comes a very good friend of mine, and says this:

I agree somehow on what you’ve written, but dont you think you might have patronized non-design oriented people by branding them as ” simple-minded people”? plus werent everything created in couples? extremes might be appreciated! maybe it’s not the era! 80s for example. further, didnt you over complicate the description trying to over simplify it? am not attacking, dont get me wrong, just merely contributing, hence the request!

In my opinion; his reaction is justified, the point he raised about over complicating simplicity is one of the major points discussed in minimalism, minimal design specifically. And now there another thing that i can talk about:

How simple is simple really!?

Now it turned into the start of an actual debate between “designers” and “non-designers” if i can call them that! Instead of me now caring about the group i started wondering why the hell people aren’t that interested in almost anything interesting?

So now you are familiar with this particular scenario, let’s see if after all this rambling you can form an opinion and post it on the comments box down there…

Do those annoyingly opinionated only voice out their concerns in public? is it an image thing? what?… I’m rambling I know, but it’s been such a mindf**king experience trying to come up with answers…



17 responses to “Have an Opinion Why Don’t You!

  1. well.. 1st of all, consider the amount of people you’re reaching out to.. I’m guessing there’s only a handful of designers on your facebook friend’s list and they don’t check their [or even your account] often enough to see an opportunity to voice their opinion.. 2nd, all the other people who check your blog regularly might seem a little taken aback by such a topic they have no idea where to start talking about.. you mentioned bronze tan’s and pixelated bathroom photo’s.. well, that’s what they know.. how would they know how to comment about minimal/simple design and make it valuable enough to become an engaging party in the debate.. and I think there’s too much difference between designers and non-designers.. with that said.. I personally try to create designs that are complex with a sense of order to them, people always tend to find simialr patterns and smth really simple gets a little boring/dull unless it’s simplicity with a touch of chaos… :)

  2. waw i smell some angriness here….. amm i guess am becoming a cat :) it is more convincing to be a cat rather than a human i think they have nicer catomobiles :) enough joking lets go to the core of the issue here.
    ok bout poeple not commenting! they have no clue about how to order thier ideas and put them in an order for you to comprehend easily ! sad but true:( while in person they will keep labing about the subject. !

    well about minimal design ,do u belive that design recognition and understanding comes from the context and the culture that it is subsided in ! for example understaning minimal design in the european countries is different than understandning graphic design in the middle east or lets say in syria! dose it actually related anyway to the misunderstanding of modern art by majority of people! will we ever be brave enough to use minimalisim as a design methodology! is it a new trend that will be effective enough !

    i would like to add another q for debate! do you think in this age of FaceBook and twitter we will need graphic designers ! will we still use posters as a type of advertisement! or graphic design will evolve into more interactive tool to communicate between client and the public! as an example you don’t need to design a poster any more to invite people to a party an invitation on the Facebook is enough!
    i have this amazing ad that is stuck in my mind about TIDE i guess! it was simply a white page and it said white on the bottom. having this ads standing out in the middle of the chaos and the coloured magazine got it stuck to my mind. well i suppose if you answer why you will understand where dose minimalism stand and how to make the best out of it! i dot think there is line , to be effective it is either one of the two extremes complete randomness or complete minimalism. ( i suppose )
    well anyway , this is the point of view of an architect who dosent do architecture now! so u figure out under what category u would put me :)
    Oh my god i Blabed too much ! another reason why people dont comment cause they will say alot! the mic goes back to u Hadi !

  3. @Bashar… Agree with your first point, it got me thinking actually about when i want to start reaching a wider audience, but that’s not for now, I’ll keep it until the content is mature enough..
    Now for your second point, as far as that specific channel of communication goes; it was opened to gather critical responses and feedback and what people perceived! not what they know on design! and if your point is that non-designers can’t form any sort of opinion on design; well, what’s the purpose of us working anymore?
    Phillippe Starck mentioned in a talk on TED a while back, design has become about fantastique dezignerrrs doing sings for other fantastique dezignerrs!!?
    If that’s the case, we’re in deep shit!

    Further more, designers and non-designers ARE different yes, but good designs are communicative without the need to be flamboyant… the conversation isn’t just an exchange of knowledge! almost all the times, good design provokes thought and reactions, and I’m missing those reactions!!!
    Now why minimal design, it’s ideals i personally respect (not necessarily live by)
    and surely you know that each person’s style and methodologies are different (NOTE: At the time i do have preferences, and areas i’m more familiar with, I still don’t consider myself evolved enough to have style and methodologies, just to let you know, that’s another thing, style is something you develop as you’re beginning your journey in design, and the different thought processes you try out will finally set you in a direction and it will become a pattern, you don’t decide on it, it comes naturally…)

    You can “like” something… And i like “minimalism”…
    Finding the perfect most relevant solution to any sort of problem no matter how big or small. Using a rather creative approach to seeing the problem before seeing the final product, and in creating the final product, using the perfect combination of the right material, texture, color, and form… All that, and still using as less elements as possible, is the smartest ting one can do…
    Quite simply because, if it’s a general consensus that people are idiots! well, communicating through minimal products and visual languages and getting your message across would be the ultimate challenge in front of any designer… and in the end, the understanding and success of those products and visual language would prove that there is a lot of people who are more than isle wandering, window shopping, credit card holding, bargain hunting, idiots that do nothing in life other than eat, sleep, and buy!

  4. aw if yo call people idiots! then to whom dose the designer addresses his ideas! to the general public or to fellow designers? can he actually afford like something and sticking to it?

  5. oh i got that , that was not the point, my point is until what extend dose the designer follow the common design stream! can you afford being a minimalist in a society that prefers randomness and chaos! is your style formation is product of what you like or what the society likes! am just wondering whether art is an independent internal factor or it needs external support ( public liking) for it to survive!
    i was wondering whether architecture or design is a work of art or a work of function! how much is it allowed to be affected by the client!

    ps: am reading this interesting guy called nicolas bouriaud . he is a french curator google his book relational aesthetics.

  6. @Darya…

    Ok, Kenya Hara, Naoto Fukasawa, Tadao Ando,… a very well known group of japanese designers that influenced and shaped the state of minimal design today… when you see they’re work, those designs shout out “I’m the work of a Japanese dude”… So of course culture has a major role in the process, 7atta law subconsciously…
    But what culture doesn’t have a role in is the end result and how people perceive design… big difference between culture and trends… and if bad designers can start trends most people follow blindly; Good designers can definitely start trends that people follow rationally…

    And I’ve said this to a friend a while back… One of the many definitions of design you’ll hear me say (I’m asked a lot) when the question is the relation between art and design;
    Art that fulfills a meaningful purpose is design…
    Art that talks and feels and expresses is and always will stay forever “just” art, a framed piece of canvs on a wall… you get the idea……

  7. i totaly agree with the ditisguish of Art as an expression and Art as a function.but i would have to disagree on designers starting trends, i always belived that design is an outcome of culture as u have already stated above , but now because of the age of internet and the amazing speed of communication ideas are so easy to transmit so starting an idea somewhere will take much less time for it to become a trend in the other parts of the world. so the possiblity of starting both a good idea and a bad idea is valid and they both might be considered rational! i guess this also depends on the point of view and the need of the market

  8. art is someone expressing their own emotions, it’s a window to their soul and someone else’s soul whose willing to buy it and hang it on their wall….design is creating and/or innovating a client’s wishes/message. It’s about solving a problem intelligently or grasping an opportunity to make people’s lives easier..

  9. read this note on facebook and couldnt help not comment! :)

    well…a good designer is the one who is able to grasp within a medium between the ‘designers’ and the ‘non designers’; as u like to label them…he is the blending mesh that induces an unconditional median of conversation.
    its is there where we all could discuss an approach!…
    i totally agree with minimalism; as a form of approach; but its aspects are far more adverse than being simple…i personally believe that I am captured through a minimal use of a factor that holds a definition more probe, and more communicative to an audience that we all call ignorant.
    great designers are the ones who were able to touch the senses of a spectator and behold his curiosity to an intriguing level of discussion or even a compliment!!…the ones that we all have the duty to classify their taste and brighten their perception to wider options and hence, a better choice!…
    a discussion of a tan of bronze or a picture of a girl are nothing but mere signs to show existence….then why not give them better ones!!…and try to find a bridging point that will make them more informed!…rather than labelling them under two categories!!

    • @dina…
      Loved your comment :) and your good at commenting apparently so yalla to the other posts mayube you see sth you fancy :)

      also dina, if you the second comment which is my reply to bashar, you’ll see that in a way i agree with everything you said…. but yes i do have that problem of generalizing sometimes, or saying “designers” and expecting people to know i’m talking about “good designers”… thx dude.

  10. thanks dear!…will def check the rest! :)

    if u dont mind; am posting this on my facebook page…am curious on how ppl would react!! :)

  11. Ruba Musha'sha'

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dina in a social gathering and was amazed that there are girls out there who can talk about stuff other than their latest shopping habits.
    I’m not saying that we can’t talk about silly/normal stuff that we do or gossip about this and that, because Come On this always juicy and fun, BUT to have also people who you can communicate with in ways that will broaden your ways of thinking and enrich your knowledge with their life experiences and opinions; that’s unfortunately occasionally happens and a lot of times perceived as an odd conversation.
    As for the designers and non designers, personally I lack the artistic talent to make a design but I always try to understand and look for the hidden meanings of the ones I see; however I don’t consider myself an idiot if I didn’t succeed in understanding the other, and that’s how the role of the more knowledgeable people comes, as they need to deliver their messages and reach out for as many minds as possible for them also to succeed (it takes two to Tango)
    Simplicity or Minimalism like some of you called it, or even complex simplicity; well if I may and from a non designer point of view; I think that the most successful and the smartest designs are the ones take the least time to be understood, because I think the design was created to be appreciated and recognized from the moment it is spotted!!!

    Good day everybody and I’m really happy for creating this page

    • @ Ruba

      “well if I may and from a non designer point of view; I think that the most successful and the smartest designs are the ones take the least time to be understood”

      That’s a very clever thing to say… Thanks Ruba :)

  12. Hadi Ya3tik il 3afiyeh!
    kinda felt guilty for not replying after you left with Ali our past-midnight meeting!

    i read your post when u first hung it there, and now returning here I see the discussion that followed, which has been anything but minimalist!

    Design is but a way of saying and doing things.. even selling things..
    context, culture, society, virtual links, e-comm, …
    this hardly ever been an obstacle..
    people embraced ‘hippy’ culture back when no tool of communication existed, within conservative societies and hardly any mature market structure..

    I quote Hadi, “You can “like” something… And i like “minimalism”…”

    Well we can theorize endlessly about design, thanks to French post-modernists philosophers who made looping in empty circles of verbal expression a fashionable philosophical school, avoiding people of actually producing any materialistic outcome!

    But let’s not!

    Not a form of communication can be largely understandable and it doesn’t have to be,
    as long as you deliver the wanted purpose..
    Viagra commercials were designed so that only a targeted adult audience would understand, and so was the marketing of Obama’s presidential campaign..

    But again skip all of this,
    ‘say’ your designs in a way your audience would understand, embrace and adopt
    simple things are said simple

    This is a time when an American president have to talk celebrity language to communicate and appear naked on magazine covers, and it practically worked best..

    good designs are told simple, bad designs raise their prices to sell the idiots you’ve mentioned!
    yallah good luck mate!

  13. btw i like these icons that appear next to one’s comment!
    We should switch to wordpress!

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