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1417 Candles

This was the number reported by The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights…  Allah Akbar 3al Zalem! You can print the A4 attached, Get ONE piece of black duct tape, tape it up in a 45degree angle.



Gaza Poster A4

Print This


Designer’s Emotional Baggage, Materializing!

creative-process-poster (1)

Poste Still Being Developed

and idea spun off the article downstairs; posters designed in two halves, you choose to hang whichever half you prefer, or the poster can be extended and hung as a landscape poster.

Anyway, the text isn’t finalized, and like every project, i have no idea when i’ll get to sit down and actually do it..

If you have any ideas post your comment, you can read tthe article at the end of the page to get a better sense of what this is.

Ten Commandments On Good Design



These are the 10 basic principles of design set by Dieter Rams (other links: 1/2) chief of design at Braun – up till 1995 – a creator of so many design icons; icons that students studied and design professionals were “inspired” by…

These design principles will always be on the wall of any studio I work in… they explain everything be it design process or what your goals are in the end result… It is an essential read for any designer no matter what discipline… i hope Mr. Rams knows the effect this had on so many people and I wish i would someday be commissioned to do a poster like this for real… Maybe then I can spare the time to do it exactly the way I imagine it to be!

Please note that this is a self-initiated project and will not see production any time soon…
The ‘Ten principles’ are covered by a Creative Commons license. This license does state that you may reproduce this work without alteration, but NOT for commercial purposes. You can see the full details of the license by following this link.