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What the Helvetica!

Passing by a friend’s screen the other day I caught a glimpse of big bold black type set in helvetica, on a white background, and a picture of a mobile phone, that phone was Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness.

Now as far as product design thinking and strategy behind this phone, this soon to be a trend move towards simplicity is a smart move indeed. But what concerns me is that Sony Ericsson didn’t bother really work on the form rather than add the gimmicky transparent screen… It’s a pretty phone, and when I say form I mean all aspects of actually shaping the phone affected by the mere fact that it’s only a phone and nothing else…

When you have only three main features, like the say; Talk, Text, and tell Time! those are pretty simple paramaters for a product to be really innovative and unique… Because it’s going have one hell of a fight in front of it! At this day and age of technological over load, only a small number of people want something so downright focused, so “purely” functional in a single minded way!

In order to convince more than those few something need to be done, and that something isn’t exactly what this campaign is doing! That’s not a bad thing at all because I think this campaign might just be the best I’ve seen in a while, This is_like the product_ a very focused campaign with a clear understanding of the target audience… All ads have one information based on date, location and size of ad, Bold helvetica, on white background… How awesome is that!!

It’s freaky how many things I like are stuffed in there… I mean I would not change one thing with the campaign, the service offerings, the online presence… Sadly what I would change is the product itself…

But again, just look how awesome these ads look!

Check it out… [Click here for full gallery]


1417 Candles

This was the number reported by The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights…  Allah Akbar 3al Zalem! You can print the A4 attached, Get ONE piece of black duct tape, tape it up in a 45degree angle.



Gaza Poster A4

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