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Walled Horizons

Image Credits: Dave Bullock/Wired.com

…Roger Waters…

One of the creators of the best Rock band in history Pink Floyd…, along with David Gilmour, Nick Mason, And the Late Richard Wright and Syd Barrett

Anybody whose anybody that thinks he/she knows music knows at least a couple of albums, and that’s not hard at all with 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon being the third best-selling album of all-time and voted in the top five best albums on almost every Rock site and magazine… You also have 1979’s The Wall which was adapted into the 1982 film by Alan Parker Starring Bob Geldolf, and later in 1990 performed Live in Berlin in front of a staggering sell-out crowd of over 350,000 people, with people from fifty-two countries watching the two-hour event television broadcast.

After Pink Floyd dis-banded in 1985 he continued on leading an amazing career as a solo artist, releasing 3 excellent studio albums (each in its own way), 2 soundtrack albums, one opera (Ça Ira), and playing a number of world tours two of which were released on DVDs (The Wall Live in Berlin, In The Flesh)

I can’t do the man justice writing only a few paragraphs, but there is enough information online, and I’ll give you links and references you can go to learn more about the best songwriter that ever lived… These are my personal opinions and to me there’s no debating the fact that no other artist can ever come close to Roger’s musical and lyrical genius…

What I want to point out in this post is a recent short documentary film Roger was a part of about the humanitarian effects of the separation wall in Palestine… The unjust, unaccepted, and blatant disregard to international laws. A disgusting slap in the face to a people who are now being publicly harassed and stripped away of their most human basic rights and needs… We all know the story, and that’s why we never forget, and we all “try” to “do” something…

My respect goes to all of those people who contributed in making that film, although I know it’s a simple reminder, and it could’ve been much stronger… But for now it’s reassuring to know a film like this can be made… with the help of an international public figure like Roger Waters…

“The reason for walls is always fear, whether the personal walls that we build around ourselves or walls like this that frightened governments build around themselves,” Waters says.

“It fills me with horror, the thought of living in a giant prison,” Waters says as he spray-paints “We don’t need no thought control” on the wall.

The 15 minute film named Walled Horizons is divided into 2 parts on YouTube…

You can watch it here…

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Storm Thorgerson Works

Storm Thorgerson’s Studio was responsible for most of Pink Floyd’s record sleeve designs, that and a lot of their other works are really good, you have to check out this link…

Gerald Scarfe

The man responsible for the visuals included in The Wall album, film, and live performance. Amazing artist, with an impressive body of work

One more video:

This is one of Roger’s most recent songs… Leaving Beirut.

Thank you for reading and watching… If you have any comments go ahead…