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Industrial Design (Somewhat) Defined

Might be a very hard thing to do. But I will be spotting definitions of industrial design on a regular basis, and each will be posted with a link to the original reference.
There might be the occasional relevant quote or intelligent remark, but this blog unlike my earlier trials in blogging will hopefully be focused on one very important subject.

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Design can be good again

First things first, go and WATCH THIS VIDEO!









Maybe you know this already, but the work of Dieter Rams is getting more exposure and being noticed by non-product designers more and more every day. His work and teachings are things I spent my college years and even after with, learning more with every thing I read…

His words are not to be taken lightly , neither can he be confused with other famous names in the design world… He does not say or do the irrelevant, the unnecessary, or the fantastic. He’s a designer with a collective experience that surpasses groups of young designers put together.

Just now his work is being published in a way it deserves. Later this month the amazing publisher Gestalten books is releasing Less and More The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams. It looks awesome, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

What bothered me was that after these principle spread all over the internet, is the fact that I’ve had an idea of a poster in my head, even though it was a simple personal project, I never got around to finalizing it. But I did however post how I had those unfinished posters of the ten principles on the walls of both my room and the office.

Later I see that Bibliothèque an amazing design studio was commisioned by Vitsoe to do that poster for the ten principles, and it looks good, based on a very well-thought of grid, and photographs and color palette that really feel like dieter rams’ work. I liked it even though it made me hate my self for not doing my idea.

You Wish!

I wish people would be more critical of design, and of designers, who are responsible for designing some pretty nasty stuff.

Marc Newson, Interviewed in director Gary Hustwit Documentary; “Objectified”

Here’s the awesome trailer, My wish actually is for his film to be mandatory watching for every CEO in the region… In fact I’d do my best to plan weekly screenings when the DVD Comes out, all for the dream of people getting to know what exactly is it that major i studied 4 years in college about!

And the awesome poster designed by Build… Black on silver background…

What is it, industrial engineering? interior decor? painting? sculpture? sanay3i? no? new type of engineering then? ooh OK, stylist? no! technician? well then what is it? how is that different from graphic design? oooooh ok? so you’re a craftsman? blacksmith? carpenter? C’mon help me out here!!!

Excerpt from some of many conversations i had with people asking me what exactly is it i am!

To know more about Gary Hustwit, He filmed Helvetica which came out back in 2007!

One simply magnificent masterpiece…


Poster By Build

Ten Commandments On Good Design



These are the 10 basic principles of design set by Dieter Rams (other links: 1/2) chief of design at Braun – up till 1995 – a creator of so many design icons; icons that students studied and design professionals were “inspired” by…

These design principles will always be on the wall of any studio I work in… they explain everything be it design process or what your goals are in the end result… It is an essential read for any designer no matter what discipline… i hope Mr. Rams knows the effect this had on so many people and I wish i would someday be commissioned to do a poster like this for real… Maybe then I can spare the time to do it exactly the way I imagine it to be!

Please note that this is a self-initiated project and will not see production any time soon…
The ‘Ten principles’ are covered by a Creative Commons license. This license does state that you may reproduce this work without alteration, but NOT for commercial purposes. You can see the full details of the license by following this link.